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“As avid lovers of our lamb we want to be able to share that with the rest of Tassie, providing some really great produce, direct from our place to yours.”

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pete & nici

black barn hill owners pete & nici

We arrived in Tassie in 2018 having lived in a few places over the years but are now happily located in the beautiful north west of Tassie at Milabena. We love it so much we have decided to make it home. Covid19 made us all sit back and carefully rethink our lives. For us – it brought home the importance of our family and friends, and the community we live in. It also highlighted the importance of the safety, wellbeing and health of ourselves and others. We had always thought that issues such as the food we eat, where it comes from, and ‘going local’ was important; as is the environment and issues of sustainability. Once the ‘toilet paper’ hoarding started it became rather obvious that having access to local reliable produce was also important. Not only did we want that for ourselves but we could also provide it, in some form, for others. Black Barn Hill is our response. As avid lovers of our lamb we want to be able to share that with the rest of Tassie, providing some really great produce, direct from our place to yours.

Pete is a farmer from way back and has worked with sheep his whole life, so this is nothing new to him, he’s just having to get used to all the grass that grows down here. Nici works part time as a lecturer and researcher at UTAS and part time ‘helping’ on the farm.

black barn hill tender lamb cuts from Tasmania

We love our farm and we love our sheep and lambs.

We believe that there is a strong connection between our lambs having a happy, stress free life and the tasting quality of their meat. While we can’t claim to be officially ‘organic’ or ‘sustainable’, we do care, and believe that these are important issues. That means we already implement many things that support these ideals. We make sure we do certain things, like…..

for our lambs:
  • We are the one’s looking after our sheep and lambs and we treat them kindly and humanely at all times.
  • The lambs are free range and pasture reared in large paddocks giving them plenty of room to eat and play.
  • The lambs stay with their mums and have access to good pasture and mum’s milk all day, every day ….. until they are ready to ‘leave home’. Then we move them to the paddock ‘next door’, to the best pasture on the farm.
  • Everyone is checked regularly ….. usually daily, and often twice a day during lambing.
  • We don’t use hormones, but if a sheep or lamb needs other treatment, they get it …. just like we would for our kids. We don’t like to see any of our lambs or their mums suffer when they don’t have to.
for our farm:
  • We use as little chemical on our place as is possible.
  • The farm has been planted and fenced to protect the waterways that run through it, and to prevent erosion. More tree planting is happening all the time, so that the sheep have better shelter belts for the extremes of Tassie’s hot and cold.
for our produce:
  • We use a local abattoir, and have an amazing local butcher, Jai, at Van Diemen Prime Meats in Wynyard, who prepares our lamb ready for you. Jai is also selling our lamb at his butcher shop. You can find him at 36 Goldie Street, Wynyard.
  • We currently vacuum pack each of the lamb cuts for food safety reasons. We will continue to look for more sustainable vacuum pack options as they come available.
  • We do not use any artificial flavours, colouring and preservatives in our lamb products. It’s just lamb.